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I.D.E.S.    International Disaster Emergency Service

At the 1973 NACC in Indianapolis, Indiana, nine men met with Milton Bates and agreed to serve as the first board of directors for the International Disaster Emergency Service.

Since that time The International Disaster Emergency Service has worked in more than 90 different countries, and continues to help in about 250 projects each year. People around the world are being offered help and hope. Wells are dug to give the missionary opportunity to teach about the Living Water. Food is given to open hearts to the Bread of Life. Lives are changed as blankets and medicines are given in the name of Jesus.

Houses are built to provide shelter for families, and they experience the warmth of being part of the family of God. God's love is demonstrated not just with words, but with deeds and in truth.

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Johnson University Florida 

Since 1893, Johnson University has been a leader in Christian higher education. Today the Johnson University System offers more than 50 accredited bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D., and associate's programs across three campuses – in East Tennessee, Central Florida, and online. Each campus reflects the University’s mission to equip individuals for Christian ministries and other strategic vocations to extend the kingdom of God.

As a leading Christian university, Johnson partners with other organizations in creative ways to help educate, prepare and inspire individuals who desire to impact the world for Christ.

Foundational to Johnson University is the principle of affordable tuition for every student. This is made possible in part through the financial support of donors who embrace the mission of the university and the importance of affordable, accredited programs to train Christians for leadership roles in business, nonprofit and ministry settings.

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Polish Christian Ministries 

Polish Christian Ministries exists to encourage and coordinate the planting of New Testament churches in Poland. Polish Christian Ministries operates under the oversight of a Board of Directors composed of individuals from supporting churches. Most new churches are planted through the mother/daughter concept. An existing congregation provides the leadership to develop a mission station that grows into an independent congregation. Efforts are also made to reach into the large cities of Poland to plant new churches.


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Christian Riders Ministry 

Christian Riders Ministry (CRM) was formed in 1991 by DQ & Beth Roberts at First Christian Church of Bayonet Point, Florida. Being Bikers who had come to know the Lord Jesus Christ, they had an intense burden on their hearts for others in that lifestyle. No other Biker had ever told them that Jesus loved them and valued them highly. That message needed to be carried back. So, they sold everything they owned and began traveling to motorcycle events across the country in a school bus, setting up a ministry service tent and sharing the Gospel.


To lead Bikers to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Leading bikers to Christ, is accomplished through a tent ministry. CRM travels to secular motorcycle events where a tent is set up. Meals are served, a daily worship service is held and people are counseled and ministered to. The hours are long and the reception is varied, but CRM remains focused and faithful.

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the grace and power of God, since 1976, Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch and School has been helping troubled and disadvantaged youth find answers for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Pinehaven is an 1,100 acre "kid and cattle" ranch located in Western Montana, about an hour's drive north of Missoula. Our school has been in operation since 1984. We take kids from all over the United States and even from other countries.

Pinehaven is a residential, year-round program. Our structured and controlled environment allows us to help young people more effectively since they are not distracted and hindered by many of the things - whether actual, physical items or social situations and people - that contribute to their difficulties.

Money is never a factor in determining which young people get to come to Pinehaven. While we do want the families of our kids to be financially involved in the support of their own children during their stay at Pinehaven, our ministry is funded almost entirely through the generous contributions of individuals and churches across the country.


Why does Pinehaven succeed? At Pinehaven we acknowledge that God is the one bringing about changes in the lives of these young people. Directed by His leading, our program is based on five fundamental principles:

It is established on a foundation of Scriptural faith. "Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it." (Psalm 127:1) In the security and warmth of a true family environment, young people go to church, worship God, participate in family devotions, and much more.

The program builds self-esteem. This is accomplished through the learning of skills and seeing tangible results of hard work. As they learn, the kids in our program develop self-confidence because the emphasis is on "What I can do" rather than on "What I have".

Sound, old-fashioned values provide the necessary atmosphere for success. Our kids learn to help each other and focus on others' needs. Honesty and integrity are stressed as they learn how to meet their own needs. They learn skills which can help them obtain future employment. We teach them to appreciate the simple pleasures of life in a breathtaking setting provided by our Heavenly Father.

Personal responsibility. We don't subscribe to society's notion that anything wrong with your life is someone else's fault. Young people need to learn to take responsibility for their own actions and choices.

A firm hand, a fair mind, and a warm heart. When discipline is necessary we deliver it, as fairly as possible, but always with love. We correct them not because we are angry, but because we care for them.